Hello beautiful
Jewellery has always been my passion and something I would wear everyday, no matter if I'm at home, in the shower or going out. I have always wanted to design my own jewellery range and Noor Collection is my dream come true.

Trying to find a name is hard for any brand but I was thinking how I would feel when I actually follow my dream and that's where Noor came from. Noor has many meanings, but the one that I came across was 'the feeling of happiness and satisfaction'...and that basically sums up the feeling I have when I design the jewellery or think of my brand and what I've achieved thus far.

I want everyone who wears Noor Collection to feel happy and satisfied not only with the jewellery but with themselves.
My goal is to create jewellery that is effortless and that will fit with any
style and personality. 

Noor is a collection of minimal, effortless and sophisticated jewellery perfect for every occasion and style.  
All my love,
Madré Rossouw
Founder and designer of Noor Collection